goldenguess (goldenguess) wrote,

Scrap Book 2010

sin in the second city. thirteen days. the commitment. war stories. a streetcar named desire. the kid (what happened after my boyfriend and I decided to get pregnant). slash. the dirt: motley crue. peony in love. beasts. fight club. gang leader for a day. forever barbie. gossip girl: I will always love you. american political writing 2009. the joy luck club. holidays on ice. me talk pretty one day. skipping towards gomorrah. this side of paradise. walk this way: the autobiography of aerosmith. taxpayer's tea party. mediation on the first philosophy. candide. the communist manifesto. how to read. generation me. gig, the death and life of the great american school system. hiroshima. phantoms in the brain. this is your brain on music. founding myths. scar tissue. team of rivals. president nixon. turn away thy son. presidential confidential.

inception. eclipse. a letter to three wives. youth in revolt. legion. dear john. shutter island. the crazies. alice in wonderland. she's out of my league. pulp fiction. saving private ryan. patton. pearl harbor. hot tub time machine. ninja assasin. clash of the titans. iron man. date night. iron man 2. prince of persia. killers. splice. a-team. karate kid. toy story 3. grown ups. predators vs aliens. predators 2. dinner for shmucks. the other guys. easy a. a single man. harry potter and the deathly hallows part one. black swan. the kids are all right.


it's always sunny in philadelphia. desperate housewives. the league. the office. community. south park. family guy. keeping up with the kardashians.

in my head - jason derulo, break your heart - taio cruz, telephone - lady gaga, playing god - paramore, love story - taylor swift, the climb - miley cyrus, borderline & open your heart - glee cast, not myself tonight - christina aguilera, go your own way - fleetwood mac, second hand news - fleetwood mac, dreams - fleetwood mac, your love is my drug - kesha, magic - emii, bojangles - pitbull ft. ying yang twins, like a prayer - madonna, california gurls - katy perry, teenage dream - katy perry, ridin' solo - jason derulo, who says you can't go home - bon jovi, life is beautiful - sixx am, ALL OF AEROSMITH'S SONGS.

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